Hi, I am Arjun Paliwal. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by money, how it works, its purpose and the problems it solves. This explains why I gravitated towards a banking & finance career at the age of 18 and also how my addiction to real estate was born. Fast forward a few years, I now have a multi-million dollar real estate portoflio across four states in Australia comprised of residential and commercial investment properties.

During my investing experience, I realised that there were a few problems for real estate investors in Australia.

1. Just under 90% of real estate investors own either 1 or 2 investment properties. With the majority owning investments that have negative cashflow positions. Attaining the ‘Freedom Of Choice’ through 1 to 2 assets that don’t provide positive cashflow is unlikely to occur.

2. The majority of sellers were represented and supported by real estate sales agents. However, the majority of buyers were out buying on their own without the support of professionals, and were often relying on the sales agent for purchasing support (someone who legally represents the seller with the sellers best interests in mind).

My mission is to educate and support those who wish to generate passive income through investing in residential and commercial real estate. I aim to help people get their money, mindset and investments right. In turn, this will allow them to break through the investing barrier that the 90% of Australian investors aren't doing. I believe that all buyers, and especially investors, should be getting the right representation from someone who only has the best interest of the buyer.

Through my business Investorkit.com.au we're supporting people by helping them find and secure rare positive cashflow residential and commercial investment properties. We aim to growth their wealth without compromising their current lifestyle.

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